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Hazardous matters Container

Hazardous Matters Container

The hazardous matters container have the same specifications of the roll off container. But the hazardous matters container use a set of cloth to cover the whole load with all hardware for roll and unroll the canvas.

The discharge gate is constructed differently in order to install a seal all around the door to avoid any discharge when handling the container. The lock system is designed differently with 2 points of support and a turnbuckle clevis 9 tons to ensure that the gasket is properly positioned.

In addition we install in the bottom of the door an eccentric clamping system that provides more stiffness in the bottom of the door and prevents the flow or loss of material during loading.

Frequent use of hazardous matters container:

  • Contaminated soils transportation
  • Batteries recovery
  • Worn oil filters transportation
  • Any other product that requires a transport tight
Hazardous matters containers 1
  • Hazardous matters containers 1
  • Hazardous matters containers 2
  • Hazardous matters containers 3

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